Last update: 10th of August 2008

Terms of Use Agreement

Privacy statement


Terms of Use Agreement


1. General

This Agreement defines the terms of use of fax 2 email service, receiving facsimile messages directly to the personal electronic mail box (henceforth: "the service"), which is provided by IPT (henceforth: "the company") to users of the service or visitors at the website even if they did not subscribe to the service (henceforth: "the client"). In addition to all the instruments and the terms that appear on the website www.fax2email.co.il (henceforth: "the website"), which the company updates from time to time including the terms of use of the service, the services variety, privacy statement, rates, payment terms, Etc. all of which constitute to the entire agreement between the sides (henceforth: "the agreement") and nullify any prior agreement concerning the service. For this agreement, "the service" includes all the services that the company supplies or will supply, and by using the service the client agrees to all the provisions of the agreement.

As a user of the service, the client is granted the rights to access and to use the service (henceforth: "the usage right"). The usage right is limited and abolishable by the company. The usage right is not exclusive to the client and can not be transferred by the client. The usage right can be materialized by the client only and only in accordance with the terms of use and subject to them. The company can stop the usage right at any time and for any reason. To avoid any doubt, except of the usage right of the service, the client does not and will not have any right, and/or claim and/or plea concerning the services, the company, or the company's equipment or infrastructure.


2. Connection to the service

The connection to the service is possible in two ways:

The first option is that the client receives from the company a virtual fax number, which will be used by the client to receive fax messages which will be sent to the client and will be transferred directly to the personal Email box that the client defined on the system. It is hereby clarified that the number which is assigned to the client upon registering to the service is designated for this purpose only, and upon termination of the agreement for any reason, the client is committed to cease any use of the number, including, but not limited to publication or delivering it to a third party. The client is also committed to take any measures and to do as much as possible so that contacting the client to this number will cease. Upon the termination of the subscription, for any reason, the number goes to a three (3) months cooling-off period (henceforth: "the cooling-off period") after which the number is used by new clients. The client declares that it understands the natural implications of reusing the numbers and waives any claim against, or as a result of, such implications.

The other option of connection is mobilization of an existing fax number belonging to the client, by signing mobilization approval. The company will perform the mobilization for the client, so that faxes continue to be sent to the same number, and will arrive directly to the personal mail box. For downloading number mobilization forms click (link).


3. Messages storage

When the subscription is active, the company will store all the messages that will be received at the clients' number on the website's interface for 30 days, without additional payment. It is hereby clarified that the company may alter the period and the limitations concerning messages storage, in relation to the number of messages to be stored, including canceling the limitations, changing the storage period, the number of messages that can be stored at any one time, and limitation to the space assigned for the client to keep messages on the company's server. It is hereby clarified and agreed by the client that the company will not be responsible in any way for any cases of dis-storage, and/or deletion of messages, and any communication malfunction that affects storage quality and/or message integrity, and/or message delivery by the system.


4. Client's responsibility

The website does not examine the delivered messages, and therefore the content which is delivered by the servers is the clients' sole responsibility and the company just making technical transmission and is in no way responsible for sending, receiving and for the contact of the message.

The client agrees not to use the service for illegal purposes, but according to the terms of proper use accepted on the internet web, the Bezeq Law and the provision of any other law concerning activities under this agreement and including the directives and limitation below: (1). Prohibition of Penetration or attempting to make unauthorized and/or unlawful penetration to computer material. (2). Unauthorized and/or unlawful monitoring or using of information, and/or information circulation within the system and/or computer network. (3). Disruption and/or interference with other system and/or computers, including prevention of providing service to other clients; this containing large quantities or transmission that creates unreasonable burden on the service to other clients and/or systems. (4). Transference of computer viruses and/or any program that may harm other computers. (5). Performing any action that is contrary to the provision of The Computers Law 1995. (6). Violation of copyrights, patents, trade marks, service marks and trade secrets, or publicity rights or privacy of any third side. (7). The service must not be used for transferring obscene messages, messages that violate the right of privacy, containing indecent content or illegal information including that may constitute harassment, defamation, disgrace, threat, offence to the public, or any other offending of prohibited message. (8). It is forbidden to transfer messages that may contain incitement for terrorist acts, commission of offence, violence or racism and/or any other criminal and/or civil illegal activity.

Despite our wish to save paper and natural resources, distribution of advertisements by direct marketing is regulated by law and requires meeting certain criteria; therefore, the client is committed not to use the service for sending and/or distribution of unwanted electronic mail messages, and/or messages that their distribution results in complaints by the receivers, or in contrast to the accepted behavioral code on the internet, including distribution of junk mail or fax, spam and/or direct marketing appeal to the company's clients or to any third party.

The client undertakes checking all the legislation concerning his activity, but by receiving the service the client confirms that it was brought to his attention that sending any advertisement to an addressee that did not give a written permission is contrary to the provision of the Protection of Privacy Law (1981) and other laws. In cases that such written permission was given the addressee must be given a likely and accessible option of reconsidering at any stage all in accordance to the provision of the law.

Without discrediting any other provision of the agreement it is hereby clarified that in any case that the client is using the service in such manner that may, to the company's judgment, cause disruption to the service provided to other clients, and/or constitutes civil offence or criminal offence, and/or in a manner that arises suspicion that the client is acting in contrast to the provisions of this agreement or any other law, the company may, but is not obliged to, terminate or limit the service to the client without prior notice.


The client is obliged to (1). Maintain and pay for all the equipment and for services given by third parties (such as: structure, internet provider, Email services) in order to use the service. (2). Keep the user name, the password, and any details relevant to the account confidential, in order to prevent unauthorized usage of the service. It is clarified to the client that use of the client's password will be regarded as the client's use, even if the actual use was by any other party, as a result of revealing the password contrary to the aforementioned instructions. (3). meet all the payment for using the service, including unauthorized usage, and to take actions to prevent future unauthorized usage.


The client will assume full responsibility and will compensate the company immediately upon request to do so, for any damage and/or loss and/or expanse (including legal fee) caused to the company, and/or to any third party as a result of use made by the client, and/or through the client, and/or by using the client's passwords, including direct and/or implied damages and/or losses, and/or expanses caused by violation of any provision of the agreement that the company will deliver to the client from time to time.


5. Links to the website

The client may provide links to the website' home page only and in condition that: (1). The client does not remove, hide, cover up, or conceals in any section of the home page in any way. (2). The client will inform the company of the will to make such a link in Email at least 15 days prior to making the link. (3). The client will remove the link at the moment the company requests him to do so. (4). The link will not create the image that there is any connection between the linking site and the website.

To create a link to certain sections of the website a request to the company on Email is required. The company will inform the client in its response if the client may do so and in which conditions. Only after the company will inform the client on Email that all the conditions required from the client by the company are met, and were performed to the company's satisfaction, the client will be allowed to place such a link.


6Liabilities limitations

Considering the nature of the service, the client declares that it is known and agreed by it that the service may be subjected to interferences and/or disruptions by its nature, and that the company is not committed to supply the service (including access to the website) continuously and without interruptions, the company or anyone on its behalf will not be responsible to any omission, error and/or any disruption of any message, and that the use of the service is the client sole responsibility. In addition, the client declares that it is known and agreed upon him the company's service ability depends on receiving appropriate permissions and licenses by the provision of any law, and depends also on elements beyond the company's control. The company will not carry any liability or responsibility if the service will be terminated, stopped or disrupted, constantly or temporarily for any reason due to nonacceptance, renewal, or cancellation of permissions and licenses, or technical disruptions of any sort, and/or failure of any party not in the company's control, including Bezeq, Israel electric corp. Etc. The company will renew the service as soon as the aforementioned obstacle is removed. A fundamental term for this agreement is the client agreement that the company will not be responsible in any way, according to the provisions of this agreement and/or any law to damages suffered to any third party by its actions or failures to act in carrying out this agreement. It is explicitly agreed as a fundamental term for purchasing the service, that any damage, direct or indirect, including loss of revenue, profit, and/or any data as a result of using the service or disability to use the service are not under the company's responsibility and that purchasing the service is subject to these conditions. Without affecting the validity of any provision of the agreement, if the company will be found responsible for the client, its total responsibility will not exceed the amount paid by the client for the latest term of subscription, and the client is committed to compensate and/or indemnity the company for any sum that will be ruled against the company due to suit of client and/or any third party beyond that sum.


7. Advertisements and sponsorships

The website may contain advertisements and sponsorships, and may send messages and updates, including such that contain advertising or commercial messages by third parties (henceforth: "advertisements"). The advertisers and sponsors are responsible for the advertisements, their content and their acceptability under the provision of any law. The company is not responsible for the advertisements, and their content, including their legality, promptitude, reliability, accuracy, completeness, compatibility, updated ness, meanings and repercussions, and can not monitor the quality and/or essence of the publications. Any reliance on third party messages, advertisements or references to content is the client's sole responsibility and subject to the website exemption of any responsibility.


8. Agreement duration

The company offers different periods of subscription, for client's convenience, ranging from 1 month period to 24 months. Choosing the agreement duration is the client's choice, and payment is made in advance for the entire period. Non usage of the service does not dismiss from paying duty, and does not give the client any right to receive financial and/or any other form of refund. The client is eligible, in any case of cancellation of the service for any reason, within 14 days from the order, to a full refund. The cancellation request must be delivered in writing to the address care@fax2email.co.il.

In a case that the company will discontinue the service from any reason and as a result the service will be terminated, the company is obligated to refund the customer the relative amount for the service period which was already been paid but the service was not used as a result of the service termination.

The company maintains the right to cancel the registration of any client whether by deleting its details from the database or by preventing it from entering the system in other legal way at the company's disposal, and is not committed to give account for the reasons of the cancellation to that client.


9. assignment

The company may keep its liabilities according to this agreement also by other means, including sub contractors and may also reassign its credit and/or rights according to it, to any third party as long as the client rights according to the contract will not be harmed. The client may not readdress and/or reassign rights and/or liabilities according to this agreement to any third party unless the company gives its written consent in writing and in advance.


10. Jurisdiction

The law governing this agreement and everything deriving from it will be the Israeli law only, and no other law will be valid. The only jurisdiction for each and every matter arising in context of this agreement and its implementation will be with the authoritative court of law in Tel-Aviv as a unique place of jurisdiction, and no other court will have any authority in discussing such matters.


Privacy Statement

IPT (henceforth the company) respects the privacy if its clients and of the people who visit the website www.fax2email.co.il, including those who are not subscribed to any service (henceforth the client) hence the company makes this declaration concerning on line privacy, so that the clients shall be aware of the company's policy and practices regarding privacy and the possibilities the client has, when using the website and all the company's proceeding concerning data collection through the website and the ways it is used. By accessing our websites, you are consenting to the information collection and use practices described in this privacy statement


1. General

The company will not use any information provided by the client except in accordance to the provision of any law including Protection of Privacy Law (1981) according to permissions and approvals given by the client according to terms of using the website.


2. Security means of payment information

Means of payment in regard to this agreement are credit card details. This information is use for the materialization of the transaction only and it is protected by the company with the most advanced technological means of protection it has. The company use highly advanced technological information assurance tools for achieving credibility, and caters for updating the data protection line from time to time in order to respond to technical and other innovation in that field. When the system receives or transmits such information it uses Secure Sockets

Layer – SSL deciphering method to provide extra protection. Your browser indicates SSL is being used by showing a complete key or a closed lock icon at the bottom of your screen. The information is not transmitted to anyone except authorized personnel of the company and credit card companies for payment pursuance. The company keep record of debit information for accounting purposes and for client service purpose to allow clients access to purchase history and for protection against fraud and/or misuse.


3. Contact

The information about contacting the company, located at the bottom of the home page and at various place on the site, including the "support" page, enables direct contact with the company, regarding any question, request, proposal or complaint the client may have. We read every message we get and treat it with due respect. Any note that may be used to improve or service, is transferred to the suitable agent, kept on the server, or deleted upon dealing with, according to the company's decision. It is agreed that the company may show such notice to any third party according to the company's sole discretion.


4. Accessing and changing information

If the client wants to update any information submitted by the client by this website, it will be done by using "personal" page or by addressing the company through the "support" page. The company is not responsible for validating the information given by the client in any way. When practicable, if the company receives information that the data received from the website is wrong, the company will make the necessary correction according to the correct information that is given by the client whose identity is confirmed by reasonable means.


5. Identifying Information

Identifying information is referring to all information submitted by the client upon registering for the service, such as: name, address, telephone number etc'. In many cases the company needs this information in order to provide the service. The Identifying information is provided by the clients' sole discretion. However, some services will not be possible without receiving minimal information, such as E-mail Address.



6.  Non identifying Information

Non Identifying information is Information about the hardware and software installed in your computer, collected automatically by the website. This Information may include but is not limited to: IP address, browser type, domain names, access time and messages quantity and frequency. This Information is used by the company to activate services, keeping service quality and for keeping general statistics regarding the use of the website and of the service. Like many other websites, the company use cookies technology to collect information about clients' use of services and to make sure clients' visits are without difficulties. Cookies are small files created on the clients' computer when visiting the website. Cookies are used to store non personal information that the company uses to manage the internet experience, including (but not limited to), clients browser type. Cookies may also contain information about client's preferences, to give personalized internet surfing experience. On most browsers the client has the options to delete the cookies from the hard disk, to block all cookies or to get an alert before a cookie is used. If you wish to learn more about these options, you can do it by accessing the "Help" section on your browser program.

Attention! Disabling cookies support prevents the website from functioning properly and may unable full use of the properties and functions of the service.

The company also uses web beacons, which are small sections of computer code that helps running the website and service activities, including, but not limited to counting website visitors, subscribers and users of services, peak hours, etc. Cookies and web beacons help understanding how the services are used and enable future service improvement.


7. Information security

The company protects the Information against unauthorized access, use or exposure. The company secures the information provided by the client or information gathered as a result of using the service on the company's server in a safe and controlled environment, protected from unauthorized access, use or exposure. The company uses the most advanced means at its disposal to secure information about the clients and messages from and to the clients that are stored on the company's servers, by storing them on servers protected by passwords and firewalls and advanced ciphering technologies to protect it against unauthorized access.

Notwithstanding, the company can not give total protection against unauthorized penetration or use by a third party. To avoid unauthorized penetration the client is advised to keep user name and password in confidentially; not to pass them to any other party; to take all caution measures in protecting private information on the internet; to change the passwords often, using a combination of letters and digits; to make sure that the browser is protected for internet use; to prevent physical access to the computer and to use hardware and software products that prevent unauthorized access to the clients' computer and/or unauthorized use of the client's account. In case of unauthorized use, the company must be informed immediately and all actions to minimize damages and to prevent future unauthorized use must be taken.

It is specified and agreed by the client that the client accept full accountability for security risks concerning identifying and non identifying information that has accumulated on the companies servers as a result of using the service. Therefore the company will have no liability, direct or implied, in cases of exposing and using information that was sent from or to the client, resulting directly or indirectly from unauthorized penetration by a third party and/or as a result of action and/or failure to act beyond the company's control. These conditions are at the base and a principal term of using the service and to the agreement between the parties.


8. Information use

The client agrees that the company will be able to use Identifying information submitted by the client upon registering for the service and also any information gathered about the clients patterns of use through following website activity, and non identifying information in the following cases: (1) for analyzing and delivering statistic or other information to third parties, including advertisers, providing that the information does not identify the client by name; (2) for contacting the client when necessary; (3) for maintaining the service which is provided by the website; (4) for monitoring clients activity at the services in accordance to the provisions of this agreement and the provision of any law; (5) for sending messages and updates, including messages containing advertising and/or commercial material by the company and/or third parties.

The company will be allowed to bring information to the client's attention and to contact the client: (1) by facsimile messages delivered directly to the client E-mail address; (2) by e-mail sent to the E-mail address given by the client; (3) by short messages service (SMS) to the client's cellular telephone; (4) by a message to the client's cellular telephone monitor or voice mail box; (5) surface mail to the clients address as far as these details are given by the client upon registering to the service, or in any other way.

The company is concerned about the environment problems and sees internet advertising as a means of saving paper and, as a result, environmental improvement. Therefore, it is at the base and a principal term of using the service and to the agreement between the parties that the clients' details will be incorporated in the database for the purpose of receiving commercial material. Disagreement will disable the use of the service. Retroactively cancellation of the agreement to receive commercial material via the website and/or requests to be deleted from the database will cancel the subscription to the service. It is hereby agreed that disuse of the service per se does not result in deletion from the database. To be deleted from the database or from the mailing list the client must submit a written request to the company.


9. Using fax2email service

The company does not read the content of the messages sent to or by the client, unless when certain technical processing and accessing actions are needed for message redirecting, preventing or minimizing service disruptions, or to adjust the service to the web requirements. The website is used as a technical transporter of the transmission, which receives, transmits and saves the messages on the company's servers. The company does not read, edit or reveals the content of the messages except in the following cases:

(1) The client violated the term of use of the website, and/or committed or tried to commit through the site and/or via connection with the site actions contrary to any law. (2) The disclosure of such information is required by the company according to the law, an order or a directive of a competent authority. (3) In any legal proceeding or in any dispute that may occur between the client and the company, or between the client and a third party when the company is a side to that matter or if the company's interests may be affected by it. (4) To protect the company's rights and/or properties. (5) To protect the peace of the company's clients and/or public peace.


10. Copyrights

All the content presented on the website, including but not limited to: words, images, trade marks, brand names, and registered names (henceforth: "trade marks") that are used and portrayed on the website are registered and non registered trade marks belonging to the company, and are the company's sole property. Copying or publishing content from this site by any means, without the company prior written consent, is prohibited. The client hereby confirms that it was brought to his attention that this may cause considerable damages to the company.


11. Third party links

The company's website, announcements and updates, including messages containing advertising and/or commercial messages of third parties, may contain links to websites which are operated by third parties. The company is not responsible for the content of such messages and other links, and can not continuously monitor the quality and/or the nature of publications and links. Any reliance on announcements, advertisements, and reference to third party contents, including but not limited to, references to domain name search engines, will be the clients sole responsibility. Those companies and these websites do not conform to this privacy statement and are not bind by it. When the client visit such websites, even if using the aforementioned links this privacy statement and its provision are no longer valid. It is recommended that the visitors will study the privacy policy of every website prior to the disclosure of any information that will enable personal identification. This site will not be responsible, in any case, for the implementation of the privacy policy of other sites even if it is presented on them.


12. Updates and changes

The company may update this privacy statement from time to time. When it changes, the update-date at the top of the privacy statement will change as well. The privacy statement is valid to the time of the aforementioned update-date. The Client is invited to read this privacy statement periodically to check its provisions. Using the services constitutes for client agreement to this privacy statement and its updates.