Version 2.1.0b                  26.10.2010

  1. Send Fax Beta feature is now available under "services" tab. Fax2Email users now able to send fax (within Israeli land lines only) by uploading files. Currently supported file types: PDF, TIFF, PS, TXT. The service is currently free of charge.

Version 2.0.3                  18.08.2009

  1. Under the user's menu, we have added an Invoices tab next to the Orders tab in order to facilitate separate viewing of orders and invoices. The Invoices tab displays a list of invoices for each order.
  2. The page listing the prices was upgraded and reformatted for faster loading.

Version 2.0.2b                 08.07.2009

  1. A new SMS service is added to the Fax2Email:  SMS will be sent to your cell phone every time a Fax is received in your virtual fax. This service is now on beta mode and therefore at no extra charge for our customers.
    Your valued comments and suggestions on this service are most welcome.

Version 2.0.1                  10.06.2009

  1. Tell A friend – Now users may inform their friends about the Fax2Email online fax service. Fill in a few details, and an automated, colorful email will be sent to those whose email addresses have been provided.
  2. Navigation zones were updated with additional graphic elements in order to provide an improved and friendly user experience.
  3. A new selection of gold and regular fax numbers were added to the fax number database.
  4. Animated demonstration videos were updated with improved visual effects for informative viewing.

Version 2.0.0b                  03.05.2009

  1. The Fax2Email website has a new design and an updated logo.
  2. An option was added that allows a user to manually remove fax records from the faxto email history.
  3. The assigning of up to 5 different email addresses to one fax2email number is now supported.
  4. A option was added that allows/disallows the saving of faxes into the fax to email history.
  5. System messages sent by email: All messages were improved and contain detailed explanations.
  6. The FAQ page was updated. The  topic "Purchasing Fax number" was changed to "Purchasing the service", and the associated questions and answers were updated accordingly.
  7. Registering for the service is now possible in 5 simple steps.
  8. Regular and gold numbers are available for newly added area dialing codes.
  9. The pricing page is now divided into two tabs, displaying gold and regular numbers separately.
  10. User interface improvements – tabbed dividers have been included, allowing smooth navigation through all user options.

Version 1.0.0                  10.12.2008

  1. New, humorous animated videos that explain the Fax2Email online fax service have been added.
  2. The FAQ page was updated and now contains additional information about virtual fax numbers types, purchasing the service and detailed technical information for performing account changes by users.
  3. The user is now given the opportunity of choosing a preferred virtual fax number out of 3 options displayed.
  4. New virtual fax numbers with regular and gold numbers are now offered in Israel and the UK.
  5. Additional site language: Fax2Email has been translated into English for our English speaking customers worldwide.