Fax2Email – Think green and increase productivity

IPT is located at 28 Gesher Haetz St.
in the Emeq Heffer industrial park.

The company is recognized as a leading global supplier of an innovative range of Internet and telecommunication products. Our Fax2Email (Fax to email) online fax service, aimed at both the private and business sectors, is one of the latest additions to our product offerings.


Products of the highest standards and quality

Amongst our various departments, you will find highly experienced development, security and support staff, advanced and extensive communication infrastructure and a helpful and  reliable customer service team. We provide complete, solutions of the highest standards, thus ensuring full customer satisfaction.


Green and efficient service

Fax2Email is the result of a strong environmental ideology and advanced technological initiatives, allowing the reception of faxes directly to your email inbox 24/7, instead to an ordinary Fax machine. These services may be purchased through our website and are subject to our Terms & Agreement.


This project has been developed in conjunction with the Center for Absorption in Science (State of Israel) and leading telecommunication companies in Israel and internationally.


Over and above our green initiative to save on fax paper, several other significant advantages are achieved for both home and office use: the saving of money, electricity and toner, and full confidentiality and portability.


Both for the Home or the Office, our Fax2Email service is the obvious and logical choice!


Sign up now and turn your home or office green!